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GOOD FOR THE PLANET MINIMAL WATER USAGEneeds only a fraction of the amount of water that cotton uses to grow NO PESTICIDESHemp does not require any pesticides or fungicides to grow CLEANS SOIL POLLUTIONIt absorbs toxins and heals soil as it grows BIODEGRADABALEwill not end up in a landfill CARBON NEGATIVEabsorbs CO2 from the environment ata higher rate than most plants & trees GOOD FOR YOUR BED ANTIBACTERIALit’ll stay clean longer & requires less washing DURABLEit’ll last years & will continue toget better & softer with time ODOR & MILDEW RESISTANTdon’t worry if you forget it in thewash, no smelly mildew here HYPOALLERGENICperfect for sensitive skin THERMOREGULATINGkeeps you cool when it’s warm andwarm when it’s cool WHY HEMP?